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Reclaim Your Life Video Course

Reclaim Your Life Video Course

Recapture what’s been stolen and overcome what’s holding you back. Get five actionable ideas from David Hawkins of Living The Word Church.
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What you have lost?
And what do you want to recapture?

For Americans collectively, the past few years have been the most difficult years of our lives. People and systems we thought we could trust failed us. Many of us lost loved ones. And all of that grief challenged our faith. I’ve been here before. The church I grew up in, pastored by my father, presented a version of the gospel that fell apart for me. I tried other religions and no religion at all. I finally came back to faith, but I lost my dad. And when his church called me to pastor them, everyone abandoned me. And I mean everyone.

But I found you can reclaim your hope, wholeness, community, and purpose. And you can do it without losing your authentic self.


Here’s What You’ll Learn

These five short and actionable videos, delivered to your inbox, will help you heal, restart your fire, and reclaim your life.


We will fail, and others will fail us. But hope is a discipline you can practice every day.


It’s not enough to merely recover from a bad year. You can start to thrive again.


If you’ve felt isolated by circumstance or betrayal, here’s how to rebuild community.

Authentic Faith

No more hiding. You can be the real you in the world, in church, and with God.


You’re on this earth for a reason. If you’ve lost a sense of purpose, you can get it back.