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You Can Make This Year

Your Homecoming Year

Homecoming is all about returning to yourself and God’s dream for your life. In Christian circles, we call it revival—a fresh start, new fire, and reawakening to the life God created you to live!

So, what are you ready to return to? Do you need to refresh some relationships you’ve let lie dormant? A gift or talent you’ve kept hidden in the shadows? Or a recommitment to your physical and mental health?

Whatever it is, you can capture this moment for yourself, your relationships, and your life with God. You can return home to the person God intended you to be and the life He made you to live.

Don’t wait. Set your intention below and share it with others.

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I’m ready to reclaim my…
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Reclaim Your Life Video Course

Find your healing and restart your fire with these five short and actionable videos, delivered to your inbox. Each idea comes from Pastor David Hawkins of Living The Word Church in Collinsville, Illinois.


We will fail, and others will fail us. But hope is a discipline you can practice every day.


It’s not enough to merely recover from a bad year. You can start to thrive again.


If you’ve felt isolated by circumstance or betrayal, here’s how to rebuild community.

Authentic Faith

No more hiding. You can be the real you in the world, in church, and with God.

Reclaim Purpose

You’re on this earth for a reason. If you’ve lost a sense of purpose, you can get it back.